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Landisun is a young Brand which brings hope and future for young people. We perpetually create stylish fashion beyond satisfaction. Landisun provides the best products to our customers all over the world.

Landisun is a company which is creating the fashion for mens at heart. We are trying to make people look better, and we have the enough experience in working out the new designs, and creating the fad. Please note we update our new designs once a month. Our success will be upon the satisfaction of our cusotmers.

When wearing a formal suit, then wear a nice tie, already beautiful and easy, and gives a person the sense with elegant solemn, however, the tie is a symbol of civilization, is never civilization has evolved. The earliest tie, can be traced back to the Roman empire. When warriors bosom all wearing scarf, that is used to wipe the combating dao cloth to wipe the knife, when fighting went on combating dao to scarf, can wipe away the blood on it. For this reason, most modern tie with stripe pattern, origin lies in this.

Tie decoration said that ties the origin is the expression of the beauty of human feelings. The middle of the 17th century, the French army in a Croatian cavalry triumphant return to Paris. They wore martial uniforms, wearing a scarf on BoLing, all kinds of color, very good-looking, is riding a horse is very spiritual, down a peg or two. Some fashionable dude at Paris, interests, rushed to imitate, also in wearing a scarf on his collar. The next day, a minister in court, wearing a white scarf on BoLing, also played a beautiful tie in front, Louis xiv saw praise and publicly announce to tie as a sign of a noble, and ordered the upper class are so dressed up.