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Pattern design

Tie pattern designers according to wear ties of various clothing, favorite designs and tonal, the latest market popular season, different appreciation of designed to cater to their ties, silk scarves pattern


Patternmaker with colourist tuned with net box in printing paste billet wonderful article, then through steam box in article color color

Online store.

Amazon 8 years old,Strength seller.

design concept.

Business mainstream, with comfortable, contracted, attention to detail design.

fine selection.

Silk tie, density of up to 2400 needles, 100% pure handmade.

stereoscopic visits.

Dynamic real-time control, market trends in their own unique fashion.


The feedback from our buyers:

“High quality ties. Quick shipping (overseas)! Highly pleased. Will shop again.”

“Great tie. Definitely will come back again. Would recommend this seller.”

“Excellent Service, Beautiful Ties, Fast Delivery Service Thank You!!!! A+”